Paddys River Road Embankment Instability

Paddys River, ACT


Roads ACT (Transport Canberra City Services Directorate – TCCS) is a various directorate delivering essential services throughout the ACT region. The directorate’s functions are managed by the City Services and Transport Canberra divisions.

Roads ACT is responsible for planning and maintaining the road networks around the ACT.


TCCS required D&N to undertake a geotechnical assessment on a failed section of road embankment along Paddy River Road, Paddys River, ACT. The scope required D&N to undertake an onsite RMS slope risk assessment, outlining the current risk level of the failed embankment, along with a short-term risk management plan. TCCS also required D&N to provide several concept designs and high-level costing to remediate the road embankment over the long term permanently.


The site is constrained by a river on the downslope of the road embankment and is limited space for the construction. D&N’s experienced engineers have provided a design solution that addresses constructability and stability issues with the site. D&N also utilised their costing experience to provide several high-level costings to estimate total project costs, including direct and indirect job costs.

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