Haymarket Redevelopment

Haymarket, Sydney NSW


Our client was seeking to develop a parcel of land within the iconic suburb of Haymarket, Sydney NSW. The concept design D&N were presented with, included a 49-storey building with an associated four level basement, to be constructed within the footprint of an existing multi storey development.


To assist with development of the concept design, D&N were engaged to carry out a geotechnical investigation, and provide commentary generally related to excavation conditions, building footings, groundwater management and the effects of the development on nearby properties.

Our environmental team were simultaneously able to provide our client with a cost-effective Preliminary Site Investigation report, through carrying fieldwork with our skilled geo-environmental engineers and scientists.


Site access was limited to an existing, low height basement structure, requiring difficult access drilling plant and numerous atypical solutions to ensure the safety of our people and other site users.

Geologically, the site is located within a region comprising Hawkesbury Sandstone and the Martin Place Joint Swarm, typically referred to as a sub-vertical north-northeast striking zone with sub-vertical, closely spaced joints, with zones of crushed seams and low angled thrust faults. Multiple igneous intrusions/dykes affected the site, which were locate through vertical and inclined boreholes, making our geotechnical commentary critical for the future development path of the structure. Our works will ensure the project continues on its lifecycle, with a reduction in inherent geotechnical and environmental risk.

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