Country Regional Network

Regional NSW


The Country Regional Network (CRN) provides a safe, reliable and sustainable network to so support operational services and customer needs throughout regional NSW. The network covers 2,386 km of operational passenger and freight lines, 3,139 km of non-operational lines and 27,000 hectares of land and infrastructure. The CRN is owned by Transport for NSW, and until early 2022 was maintained and constructed under the guidance of John Holland Rail.


Since 2018, D&N has worked closely with key stakeholders to provide geotechnical investigation, design and construction stage monitoring on over thirty sidings, loops, cross overs and multi span bridges. Through working closely with project designers and the line operator(s) D&N have been able to achieve best for project and line (e.g. mainline, siding and turnouts) outcomes. Our rail formation design process has been optimised through a risk-based approach. D&N typically works through the whole lifecycle of the process, from early feasibility study, site walkovers, intrusive investigation, design optimisation and construction support. D&N were able to add significant value in relation to construction methodology, and management of local haul roads.


D&N were able to work in differing geological and hydrological conditions across the CRN. Often complex earthworks problems were overcome through close integration between the investigation, design and constriction teams to create timely outcomes for the CRN within project budgets. Both temporary and permanent geotechnical design solutions were often required in short possession/rail shutdown windows. D&N’s experienced staff were often able to undertake complex redesign during construction, were required or noted to benefit the project.

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