Australian War Memorial Redevelopment

Canberra ACT


The Australian War Memorial is undertaking a $500m redevelopment including expansion of the ANZAC Hall, Bean Building and Southern Entrance. The geotechnical works include basement excavations up to 12 m in height for improved public space, and expansion of the AWM facilities for operational purposes.


Since 2020, D&N has worked closely with the Australian War Memorial and Structural/Civil Engineers for the works, TTW. D&N carried out ground investigations between 2020 and 2021 for the works, and assisted TTW with the design of geotechnical structures. D&N completed soil nail designs for the excavations, necessitated by the required clear space of the new facilities. D&N was subsequently commissioned for the construction stage oversight of the geotechnical works, to carry out geotechnical surveillance an observation of the works, including in-situ testing and verification.


D&N carried out investigations in a sensitive and constrained public space, including night works to minimise disruptions to the Australian War memorial. The design was significantly constrained by available space behind the footprint of the work, including significant future surcharges. During construction, significant challenges with bedrock jointing were encountered, and D&N responded with geological assessment to manage risk to workers and the works.

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